Byzantine Chapel — Interior

The Byzantine chapel in the “A” section of the Saints Peter & Paul (St. P&P) parcel in our cemetery was built in the early 1900s.   It belongs to St. P&P Byzantine Catholic Church in Braddock, PA.   Several parcels of ground were dedicated as burial plots for members of the St. P&P congregation.   In the past, the Byzantine chapel was used as a place to conduct the interment liturgy and to celebrate masses in memory of the deceased.   It is rarely used today.   

Several priests who served as pastor are buried in the chapel, as is the wife of one of the priests (Byzantine-rite priests can marry).   Father Julius Grigassy Sr., who served the parish from 1925 until 1959, is buried there, along with his wife Yolanda.   Another husband-wife couple (Stephen & Marie Terebro) is buried there too.    

A list of the names of all the individuals buried in the chapel floor follows here.   

  • Stephen Gulovich, Sr.
  • Stephen C Gulovich
  • Stephen Terebro
  • Marie Terebro
  • Cornelius Zapotoczky
  • Julius Grigassy, Sr.
  • Yolanda Grigassy

Images that follow are of the chapel interior.      

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