Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

The 4th Street gate is open at 7:30am seven days a week.

The top gate off of Brinton Road is open weekends only and also is opened at 7:30am.

Both gates close at dusk.

If we have bad weather, both gates may remain closed until the roads are cleared.

Foundations are poured 3 times a year–May, July and October.

The cemetery recommends buying a headstone from a monument dealer rather than off the internet.  While the internet is usually cheaper, the quality of work is not as good as if you would buy the headstone from a monument dealer.  

Yes, we do have a payment plan.  The cemetery will work with you on an amount that will fit within your monthly budget.

The cemetery does NOT take credit cards.  We accept cash, check and money order. 

Monday – Friday the latest a funeral can be scheduled is 2:00pm.

Saturday–the latest a funeral can be scheduled is 1:30pm.