Pre-Need Arrangements:

Pre-Need Arrangements:

There are multiple reasons for making choices and plans about all aspects of death and cemetery burial before the need for those decisions actually arises. These arrangements are referred to as advance or pre-need planning.

Preserve Your Wishes

Making arrangements in advance ensures that your burial takes place as you wish. Your loved ones are spared the need to make funeral and burial decisions during the grief and anguish that accompany death.

You make for your self those decisions regarding funeral arrangements, burial, and memorialization. And you are able to make them thoughtfully, calmly, intelligently, and free from pressure.

Financial Advantages

You lock in today’s lower prices. Advance planning also allows you to select a payment
method and plan that does not burden your family.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have helped make a difficult time a little easier for your family by
prearranging your funeral and cemetery burial and memorialization needs gives you true
peace of mind.

If a loved one has passed and there has been no preplanning:

Begin by contacting your preferred funeral home. Your funeral director will help you coordinate the cemetery interment arrangements.