Our Heritage

Here lie many immigrants from central, eastern, and southern Europe, who came to work in Pittsburgh’s industrial valleys. In the early twentieth century, they were often buried in the obscure back lots of established cemeteries, where the more desirable sections had already been claimed by better off “old” Americans of English, German, or Irish descent.

Before long, however, many newly formed ethnic churches, synagogues, and fraternal groups sought their own land as a final resting place for their members.

Our History

On February 24th, 1883, a charter was granted by the Hon. John H. Barley, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for the establishment of a cemetery in the Braddock area. Immediately after the organization of the Company (The Monongahela Cemetery Company), a proposal was received from J. B. Corey and the Mills heirs. It offered the sale of 65 acres, situated 1/2 mile northwest of the Borough of Braddock, with a commanding view of the surrounding county for miles.

Our Mission

Our goal is to honor those in our care and maintain the beauty of the cemetery for you and your family.

Monongahela Cemetery Circa. 1918

Contributed by Ellis Michaels.

Scenic View of Monongahela River Valley